We are dedicated to standing behind our products and aim to provide the best support possible.

First and foremost, check out the Lysine User Guide and the Proline User Guide.

For general information and articles check here.

There are two different tiers of support that we offer, General and Premium. If a Premium level support contract is purchased then we guarantee certain things like response time and priority queuing of patches.

For General support, which comes free with any purchase of one of our products, email General Support. For those customers with Premium support (e.g. anyone who has purchased an SLA), please route your email through Premium Support and include your SLA serial code in the body of your message.

When filing a report use these guidelines for writing the bug report to help us resolve the issue as fast as possible:

  1. List the steps to reproduce the problem.
  2. Describe what you expected to see
  3. Describe what you saw instead
  4. Screen shots, log files, etc. -- as much as possible.