Lysine and Our Process

The centerpiece of our EBCDIC conversion strategy is a tool called Lysine, which has been maintained for over a decade now. It reads in your binary EBCDIC data sources, parses and translates them into data streams within SSIS for direct loading into Microsoft SQL database tables.

Through our experience maintaining, growing, and implementing EBCDIC data conversion solutions, we have established a process to get you from raw EBCDIC sources to a modern database full of actionable data in no time.

Step 1


We spend time getting to know your requirements and data. There is a lot of variance in EBCDIC data formats. We analyze these formats, gather context of you end solution, and provide guidance on how to get there.

After 2-3 days we provide a report to provide clarity and understanding of your source data as well as a recommended plan forward.

Step 2


If you decide to go forward with us to put our recommendations into action, we will work with you ingest all your copybooks and translate them into the configuration files needed by Lysine.

Over the course of about a week, we will get 2-3 of your copybooks converted to our internal format and provide guidance for you to do more at your leisure.

Step 3


The final phase will take the configuration output and help you build out SSIS packages that will automate your ETL process. This includes helping design the schema that will hold the converted data.

An additional 1-2 weeks, on average, will be spent to get data flowing through end to end.

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