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The downloads on this page are the full Lysine product. They include a 30-day trial license that will allow you to install and try things out for up to 30 days with no limitations on functionality. After the 30 days has expired, you'll be required to purchase license key(s) to continue using. No reinstall necessary and whatever packages you've built will continue to be usable.

So, what are you waiting for? Download a copy and start building a solution to your EBCDIC conversion problem now without worrying about how to purchase.

Lysine Build 19

Added Releases for SQL 2014 and 2016 installers and updated 2008/2012 64 bit installers


Lysine Build 18

Addresses GAC installation issue for some SQL 2008 systems


Lysine Build 17

New install that properly handles 64 bit installation and will preserve license in future installations

  • Support for SQL Server 2012
  • Fix for misplaced implied decimal for 1-digit negative numbers and 1- or 2-digit positive numbers in binary comp.
  • Fix for SplitContainer error when opening UI
  • Fix for Infralution version issue


Lysine Build 16

This is a minor release with 2 bug fixes

  • Fixed bug introduced in Build 15 where preview doesn't always process the same as package execution.
  • Fixed a version mismatch in component internals

Lysine Build 15

This is a minor release with three pretty big and critical bug fixes

  • Fixed bug introduced in Build 14 that caused the Occurs Count property to not appear anymore in setting up a layout.
  • Fixed a bug involving the Binary Comp field type
  • Fixed a bug related to the preview grid limiting the number of columns

Lysine Build 14

We ended up merging our Build 13 code line with our Build 14 code line as both planned releases finished close the same time.

  • Full Unicode support (Many thanks to our International customers for help on this feature!)
  • Locale settings respected on formatting numeric data
  • Fixed bug that was added an extra character to the fields in some situations
  • A host of small code improvements that should boost throughput a bit
  • Bug fixes for occurs, binary comp (when used as flag)
  • Bug fix for occurs depending

Lysine Build 12

With this release we have major performance improvements as well as new features and bug fixes added in response to the tremendous feedback we've received from the community.

  • Decimal place bug fixed
  • Null bytes in data fixed
  • Default Redefine set naming bug fixed
  • New Binary (comp) field for raw integers added
  • Filler columns with garbage characters option added
  • Major performance improvements (now processing close to 1.5 MB/sec)

Be sure to check out the online User Guide for help on getting started with the component.

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