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For over a decade, the team at aminoSoftware has brought EBCDIC to Microsoft SQL data-conversion solutions to healthcare and financial institutions, state and national governments, insurance companies, and others.

What is Lysine?

Lysine is a solution that reduces the amount of time needed to setup and execute EBCDIC data conversions into your modern Microsoft SQL database. We enable you to bypass months of custom development with just minutes of configuration.

Save Time

Custom development to read and convert the archaic binary file format that is EBCDIC, is tedius, time-consuming, and error prone.

Save time by using Lysine so you can focus on working with your data instead of working on your data.

Save Money

Developing bespoke solutions and custom software also means adding maintenance tasks that all add up to great expenses.

Save money by using software that has been in production for over a decade, processing real data.

Join Good Company

Over the past decade, we have serviced mulit-national organizations, government agencies, financial cornerstones, and more.

Join good company and rest easy that your data processing is in proven hands.

Lysine supports the following field types: Regular Text Columns or Display, Zoned, COMP (Computational) / BINARY, COMP-1 (single precision floating point), COMP-2 (double precision floating point), COMP-3 (binary coded decimal, packed decimal), OCCURS, OCCURS DEPENDING ON, REDEFINE, as well as nested variations.

Some of Our Customers

Microsoft Idaho Department of Transportation Treasury Board of Canada Unisys JP Morgan Chase